Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

Recently, I have become inspired to add to my 20 years of experience and certifications by becoming a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®). Becoming a CDRE® puts me at the top 1% of agents when it comes to assisting with real property matters, before, during and after divorce. 

In three weeks and over 40 hours, I learned the importance of being an unbiased, neutral third party during the home sale & divorce process. This additional training I completed the following courses with the Ilumni Institute:

 The Anatomy of Divorce
 The Landscape of Divorce Finance
 Divorce Court 101
 Ethics of CDREs
 Communicate with Power
 How to Sell a House in Conflict

Divorce can cause some difficult and dark times. In many cases, the home is the most significant asset that needs to be divided, creating around 70% of divorces to have property issues. Navigating these trying times can be made easier when an agent prioritizes remaining an unbiased third party by advancing their knowledge, experience, and skills in this area.
I want to raise the standard of ethics and neutrality for divorce home sales.
These classes, along with my traditional real estate knowledge, experience, and services, allow for advancing negotiation skills for all types of property transactions.
If there are any questions, feel free to private message me, contact me by cell or email me.
I would love to talk directly! 

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